Kristi in the City

When I thought about the kind of glamour shoot that would be perfect for Kristi, the first thing that came to mind was... shopping! I came up the idea as just one option and she ended up loving it.

Not just any kind of shopping though. I wanted to take Chilliwack's historic downtown and add a little Sex in the City. I wanted a real contrast between her glamorous style and the empty city streets. Kind of like a fish out of water... or Carrie out of New York. We shot on a Sunday so there wouldn’t be too many distractions (all the shops downtown are closed on Sundays). Also I felt Kristi would feel a little more relaxed without too many curious eyes.

Shopping alone just isnt as much fun as shopping with a with a friend so Kristi invited her friend Tracey to join her in the shoot. The shoot went really well with the both of them. Although what photographer wouldn’t be thrilled to shoot the both of them. They looked completely gorgeous, confident and they were completely natural in front of the camera. Kristi had some fantastic ideas of places to shoot and they had definitely been taking notes from ANTM. They were so fierce! It made my job really easy.

We continued the shoot inside along with a wardrobe change. I tried out some new backdrops I had just added to my collection. Even after all that shopping they continued to shoot really well. Both Kristi and Tracey were so natural. I hope that they were happy with the results. I know I was.

Thanks ladies... next time we will do lunch!

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