Andrew Proposes to Steph

Andrew and Steph were celebrating their two year anniversary in Harrison. Steph knew Andrew was planning a portrait session during their weekend stay. But what Steph didn't know was that Andrew was also planning to propose during the shoot.

Harrison has been a special place for the both of them. They are from Delta but Harrison has been the backdrop to their first date, their first anniversary, their second anniversary and NOW their engagement.

Being Canada Day, a super busy day in Harrison we decided to start shooting at Hicks Lake about 10 minutes from Harrison Lake. A beautiful lake with plenty of opportunities for romance.   

I decided to rent a canoe from Vedder Mountain Rentals. A lovely woman (shamefully I have forgotten her name) was super helpful to me. They offer affordable canoe rentals. Hicks lake is a lovely lake to paddle around.  You can pack a picnic and go on a mini adventure. There are little sandy beaches you can paddle to all around the lake. Super quiet... and need I say romantic. The woman told me they once had a wedding there with all the guests in canoes and with the bride arriving from a little Island in the middle of the lake in a canoe. Sounded so beautiful. Turns out Andrew was the third proposal that she had been aware of happening out in the canoe.



Wardrobe change... and time for Andrew to set up his romantic backdrop for the proposal. He went to a lot of effort to make the proposal meaningful and beautiful. I stood in the water (shoes off, pants rolled up) not saying a word trying to be a fly on the water.

I hope the images I shot will forever be a reminder of their love that continues to fuel a strong and successful marriage.

They are clearly in love and showed nothing but kindness and love to each other in the few hours I spent with them. Congratulations to you both! I feel honored to a part of your history.




Off to Harrison Lake - A meaningful and ideal location for the shoot and a big part of their history. A few hours after our shoot the July First fireworks would have been an extra special experience for Andrew & Steph who now are engaged to be married.



Congratulations to you both. You have such a special relationship.
I wish you all the best in your bright future together!