Jen and her girls Part 2

We all want beautiful pictures of our children. Jen's children are undeniably beautiful and a joy to shoot. Those curls... so lovely.

Our own children are always beautiful to us... and we love to see our children smiling and laughing and this is what we grow to expect in a photograph.

Sometimes, on somedays... this is more of a challenge than others. The day I shot with Jen and her girls was one of those days. There were bugs, unknown fears, falls and of course hungry tummys. The usual kinds of things that we all know to be true of our children and everyone elses kids. No surprises there.

But what was apparent in my editing was how lovely Jen shined through all the hiccups. Jen is a fabulous mother. She was warm, patient and gentle.  And although we set out to capture the beauty of her children... I personaly feel the beauty that shined the brightest was that of a loving mom and beautiful woman.