Kristi and Rusty Sitting in a Tree

It is all true! For Kristi and Rusty first came Love, then came marriage and very soon there will be a baby in a baby carriage!

There is no event in life comparable to having your first baby. It is the most exciting, nerve-racking, wondrous, challenging and rewarding time in your life. However, we tend to focus and anticipate the end product (cute little baby!) so much so, that we tend to want our pregnancies to hurry along and just get to the good part already! However, with many of life's most rewarding adventures, getting there is half the fun!

Those of you who have had babies know this is true in theory and mostly in retrospect.

I don't know very many women who have said at nine months into their pregnancies that they had wished time would stand still. But despite the physical and emotional discomfort and the growing anxiety of what is to come, pregnancy is, at least I believe, the most beautiful time for a woman...

...not to mention really freakin cool!  "What are you up to right now?" "Oh you know, nothing much, just growing a baby!" It is such an amazing phenomenon when you think about it. I cant keep a plant alive but I whipped up to human beings without much effort!

I did not look at all like Kristi during either of my pregnancies. That is for sure. She looks phenomenal! No matter how much weight you gain, or where you gain it, a pregnant woman is a beautiful thing. Just ask your husband!

( It' s a BOY! )


< Good luck to you both with the newest addition of your beautiful family! >