Lianne is definately outnumbered but I dont think she minds.

Her boys will be lucky in life if their future wife is similar to the woman who raised them. Martin and Lianne are a fine example of a great marriage. That is a huge part of being a good parent - being a good wife/husband.

I am very happy to have Lianne as my friend. I think our friendship makes me a better person. She is so caring and generous to her friends and family. Thanks Lianne!

Hamel Portrait

A family portrait just in time for Christmas. What a great family the Hamel's are! Michelle is also my hairdresser and a fantastic one at that. She has a salon in Chilliwack called Awesome Hair by Michelle.

Dustin owns a company called Ace Signs. This photo Dustin put onto large magnets which will be sent out with thier Christmas cards. They turned out really well.

This photo they enlarged and framed in their living room. I am always surprised which one people will choose to frame. That is why I always try and include many choices on the disc my clients get. Sometimes narrowing it down is still quite difficult.

Party of Five

The Ferguson kids (not really kids anymore) are each really busy and to get them together for a portrait was begining to look impossible. So I thought I would shoot them individualy in my studio space using the same backdrop and try merging them together. I hoped it would end up looking like they were actually in the shoot together.

Can you tell who were added later? (It was the two youngest boys in the purple and black).