Wedding Day

J & L Wedding - Salt Spring Island, BC

My Baby Love

Nothing quite captures the attention of a couple in love, more than their first baby.

I love what a baby does to a couple in love. As their relationship and new parenting skills are tested their confidence grows - and over a short period of time they become a gentle force that's strength might surprise you.

I was really excited to shoot the Giles family's first family portrait. We started the shoot in their bedroom - where most young families spend a lot of their time in the first year of their babies life.

We took some shots on the front steps of their home in Chilliwack. We included their dog - who is still a big part of their lives.

I like the idea of using your home as a backdrop to a family photo. Especially if you have some great front steps to gather on. When you look back on the photos you will not only reflect on the people in the photo but also the family home. Which plays a big part in out lives and our memories.

We moved to the Herron Reserve which makes a lovely backdrop for a family photo. For the first little while we shot with a sleeping Kiara and surprisingly when she did wake up she wasnt too upset. Lucky us!

They are a truly beautiful family inside and out. Kiara is a lucky girl. Her parents clearly love her very much. I wish the best to them and hope to be a part of the next family portrait.