Schulz Family Portrait

I love photographing kids and I love photographing families! It is so important to have family portraits done every once in a while. It is really fun to look back on, as a child or as an adult. (Note to self: Get MY families portrait done!)

The Schulz family was lots of fun to photograph. We met at a local property owned by the Camin family who graciously allowed me to photograph there. They even got out their old and beautifully restored tractor just for us to use at the photo shoot. I have always driven by the property and imagined doing a shoot there and now I finally was able to! Thanks again Camin Family for allowing me to use your property!

The Schulz family was prepared with lots of props and wardrobe changes - which I love! However, our sunshine was quickly retiring behind the mountains so we didn't get to use all of the items... maybe next time.  Although the upside of the sun down was the opportunity to get some really fun silhouettes. Check them out!