People And Places We Love

I was really looking forward to getting some beautiful shots during our visit to the inspiring community of Salt Spring Island. That is where my dad and step-mom have a beautiful piece of property - where they live, work hard, love and play.

While we were there we saw 22 baby ducks hatch, witnessed a surprising Spring snowfall, roasted marshmallows, collected dozens of eggs and did many other enjoyable things. I feel so lucky that my children have the opportunity to participate in the farm life that my dad and Donna have created at their home on Salt Spring Island. Thanks dad! Thanks Donna!

In life the focus is mostly on the people in our lives...which is what me and my camera focused on while we were there. My subjects were my family who have to put up with not only my corny jokes but also a camera in their face.

This is my adorable step-sister Shara. She says she cant take a good photo. I didnt think that was true before and I definately dont think she can say that now! Look at those cute freckles - totally gorgeous!

This is my step-brother Colin and his lovely girlfriend Hannah. They are so cute together. I have never seen Colin so happy. They are very sweet together...just look and see for yourselves.