Happy Un-Birthday Esther!

Esther's birthday is only a couple days after Christmas day. Every year!!! You know where I am going with this... total rip off having to compete with Christmas day and all the festivities crammed into the week before and after!

So Esther's super thoughtful girlfriends came up with the idea of celebrating her half birthday. Even that was sorta put off until September which isn't quite half - but hey it worked to our advantage considering it was a surprise party!

She was definitely surprised and confused... for a while actually. But I think she felt special and that is what we all want on our un-birthdays - to feel special.

Happy Un-birthday Esther! And Happy Birthday too - because I am fairly certain I forgot to say it to you then.... Cheers!


Limewheel Creative Inc.

Limewheel Creative Inc. is a Marketing and Web Design Company that is fresh in design - with a  team of web designers that are beyond talented.

Their body of  work has an undeniable creative edge and a great strength in branding and design. 

An exciting part of their business is LemonStand... " LemonStand allows web designers & developers to create custom eCommerce sites with powerful features out of the box, without imposing any limits on their creative vision."

Photographing the team of Limewheel was a fun experience. They are definitely a close group of professionals who love what they do and truly enjoy working together.

Limewheel Creative Inc. is a company that is definitely pushing the envelope in respects to Marketing and Web Design - clearly making their creative mark on the Fraser Valley.


The Limewheel Creative Inc. Team


Great fun working with you guys! Looking forward to working with you again in the future!