Christmas with the Carne Family

When shooting the Carne family, I literally had to count to see if I had everyone in the shot! I think if I were a parent to five girls I would be missing at least one kid at all times.

I would be constantly reliving the KEVINNNNNNNNNN !!!!!!!! moment from Home Alone. If not in real life, then definately in my dreams.

They really are a beautiful family. There is a lot of love to be shared and a lot of fun to be had when they are all together. Christina had the brilliant idea of shooting at Ryder Lake.

Chilliwack had gotten a little bit of snow but it was melting away. Ryder Lake is only a 5 min drive and they have piles of snow. We found a great snow filled property, with kind and welcoming owners and a funky looking treehouse and started shooting.

We barely lasted half an hour. It was really quite cold; especially when the kids started playing in the snow.


Merry Christmas Carne Family !