Walking and Wondering

The Herron Reserve in Chilliwack is a fantastic spot for a family walk. We didnt see any herron's though. In fact I dont think I ever have. I guess we always go the wrong time of year.

Parks like these I enjoy the most on days when you need to pull on your puddle boots, scarfs and mittens. It reminds me of going for walks all throughout my childhood at the bird sanctuary in Ladner. That place provides me with such good memories. As a kid it was magical place where there was always something new to discover. Each visit different from the last.

The kids either ran speeding through the leaf covered trail or doddling along poking at random things with their new found walking sticks. Every once in a while we would spot empty Herron nests up in the trees.

This time we went a different way and lead down a different path we hadnt walked down before. It felt a little like an adventure through uncharted territory.

Everytime I go to the Herron Reserve I think to myself - why dont i do this more often?
And it is true, we really should go more often.