She Said Yes!

...of course she said Yes!

Brock wouldn't have hired a photographer to capture the moments leading up to the surprise marriage proposal to his now fiance Lindsey, if he didnt think she would say yes.

Brock had the details all worked out including a surprise party with all of their closest friends following a romantic dinner at La Masia Restaurant in Surrey, BC where he would be popping the question.

He made sure she looked and felt beautiful for the big moment.  He took her shopping for a new dress, surprised her at dinner with a bouquet of red roses and...

...little did she know what was inside his pocket (bling bling!) and hiding behind a glass case (me!).

Even though Brock was quite nervous - Lindsey was still very surprised. The proposal was beautiful. All of his hard work and planning had payed off. I even found myself getting teary eyed.

As well we spent a few minutes before I left taking some posed shots on the balcony. They were so happy. She was still very shocked. It was great!

It was still a very private moment even though it was in a public place and subtly documented by me and now it will be a breeze for Brock and Lindsey to relive the proposal and maybe share it with their grandchildren one day.

I felt honoured to be a part of something so important to their lives.

Congratulations to you both!