Kids Will Be Kids

Kids will be kids...
Children grow up and become functioning adults, but in our mothers eyes we are still her kids. This is true in most families including the Parson family who I shot this Christmas Eve Day.

Isnt it funny there isnt really a term we use to describe adult offspring? Individualy a mother would refers to her offspring as her daughter or her son, but when she groups them they become her matter their current age.

I am the first to admit that in the presence of my two sibblings my maturity levels reverts back to somewhere between the ages of 9 and 13. I have noticed that this is especially true for me and my sibblings when we are squished into a confined space.

A few years ago we had to share the back seat of a car and it started happening... each turn the car took my brother exaggerated it with his entire body, totally annoying me in the middle and my sister reverted back to being especially whiny (or was that me).

 I wonder if when we are in our 60's the three of us will revert back to being kids when we find ourselves in a confined space together... I hope so. Its much more fun that way!

The Parson kids are not often able to be all together since Mary moved to Ontario, so we had to seize this rare opportunity for a family portrait - even if that meant shooting a couple hours before Christmas Dinner.

Sandra (mom) has the most amazing green thumb. She and Randy have done some amazing improvements to their home both inside and outside. I will have to make a point of photographing her garden in its colourful glory come springtime. But this family portrait cant wait for any flowers to bloom. The turkey is in the oven and more guests are arriving as we shoot.

Some things never change and family dynamics is one of them. Whether we like it or not.
So I am very lucky that I have a great family who I wouldnt change at all... even if I could.

 Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Beautiful words and pictures We are so proud of you and all the joy you bring to our family.

  2. Ah, if they would only all smile and look the same for just one picture!

  3. I love them! :) Specially there is one with my all of us with the bow.


  4. Wow Theresa, you take great pics! mind you they are a gorgeous bunch!


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