Welcome to the world Baby Masyn

It is the most magical and beautiful thing; when a couple welcomes a baby into their lives and they become a family. It is hard to describe the magic that this experience brings into a couples life.

It is a difficult time of course. But however difficult it may be, the pure amazement that overcomes a couple is remarkable and beautiful to witness.

After visiting Kristi and Rusty and their beautiful baby boy Masyn; I was in my own way, amazed. Watching them took me back to what it was like to have this brand new baby. A baby that WE created. That WE were in charge of. That transformed our lives forever the second he arrived.

Baby's are amazing. But what is equally amazing is the effect they have on our lives. They are so consuming in such a beautiful way. They demand of you that time stands still and that you take notice of these tiny movements and breaths; becoming milestones in an amazing journey that is forever challenging and rewarding.

The love I witnessed in your home was beautiful. Congratulations to the both of you. I cant wait to see Masyn grow into a fine young gentleman - which I am certain he will be.




  1. LOVE THEM THERESA! Can't wait to put some of them on my picture wall!

  2. Oh Theresa you have done it again. Your photos are magical. That you so much!
    Masyn's very proud Gramma


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