And baby make Five

Some people make certain things looks so easy... Christina is one of those people....

In the next few weeks she will be installing another car seat into her minivan and hold out her entire hand when she tells people how many children she has. 
Her entire hand! - ALL five fingers!

Somehow she  always appears calm and collected... insightful and IN the moment.

How she does it? Dont ask me - I have yet to figure this out.
I am sure the humor and help she receives from her loving husband Trevor is a big piece of the puzzle.

They have four beautiful girls. All beautiful blonde girls.
I have a feeling this one will be a boy. A beautiful blonde boy of course.
I also have a feeling I am wrong though. They are certainly good a making beautiful girls. 
So why change a good thing.

Good luck to the both of you - and - baby number five !!!


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