Music to my Ears

Music is a big part of my life as well as the lives of my children. It has the ability to transform my mood, inspire my soul, and helps me get through plenty of long drives and scrubbing of toilets.

I dont clean without music. I dont drive my kids to school without music. I dont cook without music. I firmly believe in the benefits of living your life with a soundtrack playing in the background. Last night we had tacos and my kids and I ate happily with our hips wiggling away to Latin music.

Howard Lee Naylor is a talented Singer Song-writer and Performer living in Abbotsford. He is engaged to a lovely woman named Diane. I will be shooting their wedding this summer in rural Abbotsford.

Howards love for creating and performing music will be incorporated into their wedding day and I am sure it will create an even more memorable day for both Diane and their guests. In fact it sounds like the event will be a very fun and enjoyable day for all. I am looking forward to being a part of it.

Howard has spent over 12 years learning his craft while living in Los Angeles and Nashville and now he is working on the completion of a new album. The title in progress is called, "Somehow I Grew." I did a shoot with Howard in Chilliwack recently. The shots will be used in his promotional tools that will accompany the new album. Keep an ear open for upcoming local performances by Howard Lee Naylor.

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