The Beauty of a Bump

I didn’t feel that my baby bumps were something that I needed to photograph during both my pregnancies. I merely wanted photographic evidence of the amazing width my middle was becoming. So I could say years later, “look how big I was!”

What I didn’t know at the time was that I would want to have captured something other than girth – the real beauty of it all.

When you are pregnant your body becomes temporarily someone else’s as well as your own. So much so, it becomes hard to recognize yourself in a mirror. And hard to see the beauty that pregnancy processes. The beauty of life that only a woman can hold - the most natural beauty enhancement around.

Ann was pregnant with her third child and I was hoping to document this personal and meaningful time for her in a way that she would cherish for many years to come.

I wanted to create something that she could look back at and see more than what she saw at the time when she was 9 months pregnant. I didn’t want her to only see the growth of her middle. I wanted her to see the amazing and unique beauty that only pregnant woman posses.

Thank you Ann for allowing me to be a part of you and your childs life together.

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