Ampersands & Much More

Props props and more props! I have props on the brain and so do a lot of other photographers. Mustaches on a stick, oversized glasses, thought bubbles... Props can tell you a story, add an element of surprise and sometimes help your clients to relax and have fun.

Having your photo taken is supposed to be fun. Gone are the days of  portraits that require unnatural looking poses and the holding of exaggerated facial expressions. Here are the days of having fun with your clients and encouraging actual emotions that are captured in a moment - that tell us more than ever before.

Here is an intangible sign that I never leave home without - the Ampersand. I didnt know it was called an ampersand until I told my father, a creator or all sorts of things, that I really would like one! Now I have one and I have a bunch of ideas for its use in future shoots.

He just happens to have built a machine and a business that can take any visual idea and make it into reality. The sky is the limit (or maybe just your back pocket), creative or functional and out of almost any kind of material - he can make it.

Using a CNC machine and a process that I cant wrap my head around he is able to create just about anything, big or small. Check it out for yourself at Salt Spring CNC  Be careful because it might just get those wheels a turning...

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